Jermell Powell

Jermell Powell

Subjects: Math, English

Students: K-12, early College

Location: Fort Washington, MD

Radius/Online: Online, ~25 miles.

Professional Bio: I am the Owner and Principal Tutor for A Lone Highway Tutoring.  I spent 15 years in IT before creating A Lone Highway Tutoring in July 2017, and Alone Highway, LLC in February 2018.  I received my BS in Computer Information Sciences at Florida A&M University, and served as a peer tutor.  I received my MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Rochester, then spent a year as an Adjunct Professor at Monroe Community College in Rochester, NY.  I did some part time work as a tutor during my corporate career, before making this switch to a full-time tutor.  In September 2018, I scored a 1550 on an untimed SAT, and joined Top Score Education as a test prep tutor.

Personal Bio: I enjoy video games, poetry, and fatherhood.  I am a member of Omega Psi Phi, and consistently serve the communities that I’ve lived in.